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Medical Society of the County of Albany, Inc. and Medical Society of the County of Ulster, Inc.

Your physicians caring for the Capital and Mid-Hudson Valley regions of the State of New York

The NYS Department of Health is conducting a series of listening tours to gain feedback on the State Innovation Model (SIM) and the various aspects of the Advanced Primary Care Model. We are urging members to participate.  The local event will be held on Wednesday, August 12, 2015 from 10 AM till noon at the [...]

2015 Legislative Session Concluded(0)

Dear MSSNY and Alliance Members:
The 2015 legislative session conclude early this morning. Through your efforts guided by MSSNY leadership and the collective efforts of MSSNY staff, MSSNY has had a very successful legislative year.
As part of the budget, we: (1) secured $127.4M in funding for the Excess Medical Liability program; (2) defeated accreditation and onerous [...]

StatLaw for June/July 2015(0)

Massive Nationwide Medicare Fraud Arrests
Question: I recently heard about an historic number of coordinated Medicare fraud arrests across the country. Is this a sign of things to come or an isolated event?
Answer: Recently the largest criminal Medicare fraud takedown in the history of the U.S. Justice Department took place. The Medicare Fraud Strike Force charged [...]

MSSNY Letter to Assemblyman Gottfried on Single Payer(0)

May 20, 2015
Honorable Richard Gottfried
NYS Assembly Health Committee
Legislative Office Building, Rm 822
Albany, New York 12248
Dear Assemblyman Gottfried:
We commend you on your legislative efforts to advance legislation that promotes better health and access to care for all New Yorkers. We take this opportunity to express our position on one of your current efforts, namely advocacy for [...]

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